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About the Backpack Bill

Fund students, not the system

The Backpack Bill empowers families to choose the educational option that best meets their needs. The Backpack Bill ties state resources to the student so that Ohio funds students and teachers, instead of buildings and bureaucrats.

Every child is unique, and families should be empowered to choose the best educational setting to meet their child’s needs. At the same time, the Backpack Bill ensures that Ohio maintains strong funding for community and public schools.

Why the Backpack Bill?

Ohio’s education system is failing to meet the diverse needs of our children. Not only are many public schools underperforming and under educating our children, but in rural, suburban, and urban school districts, radically sexualized and politicized curriculum is being taught in the classroom.

Most of the children in these schools have no options, so the school district is nonresponsive to the concerns of parents.

The Backpack Bill takes away the monopoly from public schools and offers families a choice for the education that will best meet the needs of their children. This will also force the public schools to be more responsive to the needs and concerns of the parents and community.