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Order the Backpack Bill Party Kit

Make a real difference while having fun with friends!

Want to help make a difference in Ohio’s education by passing the Backpack Bill? Host a Backpack Bill Party to educate your friends on Ohio’s education system, and send postcards to your legislators telling them why we need the Backpack Bill.

More about hosting a Backpack Bill Party

These approximately 60-minute parties are an opportunity to gather parents, school choice advocates, and any concerned Ohioan together to learn the facts about Ohio’s education, hear from local parents on the issues they are facing, share your education stories, contact your legislators to encourage them to pass the Backpack Bill, and be equipped to spread the word on this critical movement.

Each Kit comes with enough supplies for a total of 10 guests, including the host. 

For the Party Host

    • 1 Backpack-Bill-Branded Backpack
    • 1 CCV Pocket Folder
    • 1 “How A Bill Becomes A Law in Ohio” Infographic Sheet
    • 1 CCV Mission Card
    • 1 CCV Business Card
    • 1 Host instruction booklet
    • The Link to a Website Resource
    • 1 Thank You Card

For the Party Guests

    • 10 Trivia Game Q&A Sheets
    • 1 Trivia Prize
    • 20 Backpack Bill Postcards
    • 20 Stamps
    • 10 Pens
    • 10 Backpack Bill Info Cards
    • 20 Backpack Bill Stickers

Donate A Backpack Bill Party Kit!

If you do not wish to host your own Backpack Bill Party, but still want to support the cause, please feel free to donate the cost of a party kit. This will allow us to provide free kits to lower-income households who support the Backpack Bill!