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Columbus City Schools are failing Students…

But There are other options for your student to thrive!

Is the Columbus City Schools teacher strike blocking your child out of school once again? Take advantage of your educational freedom opportunity and use an EdChoice Scholarship for your child to attend the private school of your choice!

EdChoice Scholarships are state-funded scholarships for low-income students or students in underperforming public schools. Most Columbus City Schools are underperforming.

Here are the 3 simple steps to take advantage of your educational freedom opportunity.

1. Make sure your child is eligible for the scholarship

Click here for an easy form (developed by School Choice Ohio) to complete that will let you know your eligibility for a scholarship. After completing the form, if you are likely to qualify, you will receive and email with schools in your area that will accept the EdChoice Scholarship.

2. Enroll in a private school


Each of these excellent Christian schools is open and accepts the EdChoice Scholarship:

 3. Apply for the scholarship

Once your child has been accepted by the private school, the private school will have you complete a Scholarship Request Form, along with your proof of current address and your child’s birth certificate.

The private school will then submit an EdChoice application for your child.

Explore this site to learn more about the Backpack Bill that would give educational freedom to every student in Ohio. Contact your lawmakers and ask them to support Ohio’s students by voting “yes” on the Backpack Bill!